Tips & Tidbits

You'll come across plenty of confusing things when programming, but life is easier if someone's solved the problem before. I've shared some of these tips below, and I also post on Twitter.

Generating social share images for your blog

Posts with social images are way more noticeable when shared on social media but are a pain to create manually. Learn how to automatically generate them without code!

Using Laravel's new Upsert feature in the Query Builder/Eloquent

Laravel recently added upserting to eloquent and it's awesome. Learn how to use it to drastically reduce queries when importing or syncing data.

Sending a Laravel test email from the command line

You've set up the SMTP settings for you Laravel app, but how do you test it? A quick one liner to send a test email via tinker.

Impersonating users in an SPA with Laravel Passport

Impersonating users is a bit different with a stateless API, so follow along and set it up in your own SPA.

RDS MySQL Performance Tuning - Speeding up slow inserts

Solve issues with slow MySQL insert queries by deferring disk writes.

Check out the new Laravel 7 Mail Templates

The release of Laravel 7 brings new, modernized mail templates. Check them out!

Editing DNS records for Vercel Now (formerly ZEIT Now)

Vercel NOW (was ZEIT Now) is missing an gui to edit DNS records, but they can be edited using the now CLI. Here's how to update the DNS records.

Submitting sitemaps on deploy with Netlify

Set up Netlify to notify google of Sitemap updates every time your site is deployed.

Making tailwind IDE class completion work with PurgeCSS

Fix IDE classname completion when using PurgeCSS in development by forcing a full tailwind build.