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Editing DNS records for Vercel Now (formerly ZEIT Now)


As of June 2020, Vercel has added a GUI for managing DNS records.

Vercel Now (formerly ZEIT Now) is awesome, but one of the features that's missing is a GUI interface to edit and configure DNS records. It's actually not even clear this is possible in the dashboard, but luckily there's a set of commands you can use with the CLI.

First off, if you haven't already install and authenticated in the now cli, you'll want to do that:

npm install -g now && now # Will prompt to login

Once you're logged in, you can use the commands in the now dns namespace.

Adding Records

now dns add <domain> <name> <record type> <value> [mx_priority]
  • <domain> is the address owned by the user and previously registered with by using the commands now domain add or now alias
  • <name> is the subdomain that will be prefixed to <domain> (@ as a <name> refers to the domain without any prefix)
  • <record type> contains one of the supported record types shown above
  • <value> indicates the target of the record (like an IP address or a hostname)
  • [mx_priority] sets the priority of a certain MX record and can therefore only be used in conjunction with this record type


Here's a few examples of commands that might be helpful.

Add a record for a subdomain

  $ now dns add <DOMAIN> <SUBDOMAIN> <A | AAAA | ALIAS | CNAME | TXT>  <VALUE>
  $ now dns add api A

Add a MX record (@ as a name refers to the domain)

  $ now dns add <DOMAIN> '@' MX <RECORD VALUE> <PRIORITY>
  $ now dns add '@' MX 10 

Add a SRV record

  $ now dns add '@' SRV 10 0 389

Remove a MX record

  $ now dns ls # Show the records, and copy the ID you wish to remove
  $ now dns rm rec_92bd1b1e4311ffd93e4a2cae # ID from previous step


If you're building a tool that integrates directly with Vercel Now, you could also manage the DNS records directly through the API. You can find the endpoint documentation here.